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May Safety Brief

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Note From Human Resources:

Over the last year, the Human Resources (HR) Department has had the pleasure of meeting and/or speaking with many of our MER Family of Company employees and we are consistently impressed with our people. Everyone is committed to not only ensuring a safe working environment at our sites, but also promoting a feeling of security with each other.  Security, communication, and awareness drive both HR and Health and Safety. Over the course of the past year, we have seen co-workers wait for others to finish shifts so they can leave in groups. There have been reminders to take care while traveling, both for work activity and commuting travel; colleagues have made calls, sent messages and performed Well Checks to ensure that coworkers are doing well, again, both work-related and personally.  During our tours of our Resource Centers and Locations, we observed simple but meaningful actions such as blown lights being quickly replaced, doors being locked if we were working late, food or beverages being offered if we stood still for more than 5 minutes, and so on. These everyday actions display not only a safe and secure working environment, but also a commitment to mutual respect and care for one another.

For a complete copy of our May Safety Brief, please click here.

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April Safety Brief

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Note from Leanne...

When it comes to safety, understanding the role of personal responsibility is a key ingredient to the success of every safety program. Though the organization is ultimately responsible for providing our employees with a safe and healthful work environment, each employee is individually responsible for taking actions that are consistent with our organization’s Best-in-Class safety culture and overall safety responsibility. This means that in our day-to-day activities, we must ensure that everything we do is in support of keeping us safe and those around us safe; we must address all safety concerns in a timely fashion, and if/when necessary, escalate safety issues to the appropriate company personnel. Together, with aligned goals and values, we can keep our employees safe and keep driving our organization’s success.

For a complete copy of our April Safety Brief, please click here.

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March Safety Brief

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


A Note from Leanne...

Over the next few months, MER employees will be working in facilities that are temporarily shut down for maintenance; these facilities will be operating round-the-clock to meet strict deadlines to return to full service as soon as possible. Tight schedules, specialty safety-sensitive activities, increased labor needs and non-MER contractors make “Outage Season” one of the busiest and arguably most dangerous times of the year for MER. 

The stress of this season has the potential to test our employees’ commitment to safety. It is critical that our employees stay true to our culture and place safety at the forefront of every conversation held, every decision made and every action taken. Let’s ensure that we don’t allow the pressures of Outage Season compromise the safety of our employees or the integrity of our program. 

For a complete copy of our March Safety Brief, please click here.

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February Safety Brief

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Note from Stephen E. Dovell

Everyone Can Make a Difference 

A new year is upon us and it’s a great time to do a little reflecting; not to focus on what we might have done, or left undone, but rather take time to review what we do out there and how we can do it better and safer. How do we manage our safety and other employees’ safety? How can we improve our company’s safety awareness and performance? The answers lie in establishing mutual respect and trust.

For a complete copy of our February Safety Brief, please click here...

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January 2014 Safety Brief

Monday, January 6, 2014

Featured in the January Safety Brief...


  • Note From Leanne
  • Best-in-Class Training
  • Ice and Snow - Take it Slow
  • Professional Resolutions
  • MER Safety Takes Gold!
  • 2014 Goals and Self Assessment


For a complete copy of our January Safety Brief, please click here...

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