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October 2015 Safety Brief


A Note from Leanne…

Every year, MER Environmental Field Services become fully engaged in “outage season,” a stretch of time where a number of MER’s energy and industrial clients shut down all or por­tions of their facilities to perform large-scale maintenance. Typically, these shutdowns require a significant amount of resources to complete the scheduled tasks in a relatively short amount of time and because many clients hold these outages at the same time each year (during times of lower demand for their product/ services), MER personnel and equipment are in high demand across the organization. 

During these campaigns, safety can be challenged as we manage longer-than-typical work shifts, increased utilization of sub­contractors and compressed production schedules. In the face of these obstacles, it’s paramount that we stay disciplined in our focus on employee safety. Consider implementing a structured break schedule to address hazards of long hours and a subcon­tractor-specific tailgate meeting to help temporary laborers better understand MER’s safety culture. Outage season is a great time of year that provides our company with awesome business potential; let’s make sure we keep our employees safe and make it through another outage season with no injuries!

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