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January Safety Brief


A Note from Leanne: January

As we kick off 2013, I wanted to take a moment to again thank all of you for your hard work in 2012. Each year, as we evaluate our past year’s performance, it becomes increasingly challenging to measure our organization’s safety success. Our high expectations of excellence, and in some cases perfection, in safety and health incite us to ask, “In what ways can we continue to strive for excellence year after year, when we already believe our program is Best-in-Class?”
I believe that the answer to that question lies in our definition of success. Maybe it’s having zero injuries or reporting more Good Catches; maybe it’s being part of an advanced training program or a specialty safety services program. Regardless, our commitment to continuous improvement in those areas (among others) will help us define safety excellence, and ultimately, define our success as a Best-in-Class organization.
So as we look to 2013, a year that will undoubtedly offer us many opportunities for tremendous growth and development, let’s recommit ourselves to Best-in-Class safety through excellence in everything we do. Let’s make Best-in-Class “business as usual”: nothing flashy, not a huge campaign, just day-to-day excellence that doesn’t need to be advertised.

We invite you to read our complete January 2013 Safety Brief by following this link.


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