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Earth Day Series-Randolph, MA

4/4/2022 by qrelihan

    In the 4th Earth Day blog series, I chose to feature the clean-up efforts of the Randolph office.  This year will be the third year that the Randolph office has participated in a clean-up in the community. 

     This year will be the second year that the Randolph office comes together to clean-up the river that runs near the office.  Since the river is in walking distance of the office, some employees would walk alongside it during their lunch break and noticed that there was an awful lot of trash along the river.  Therefore, it was an easy choice to make this river the site of our office Earth Day clean-up in April 2021.  Due to the amount of trash that we collected along the river last year, we think that it will be the perfect candidate for a clean-up again this year. 

    However, before there could be a river clean-up, employees from the Randolph office employees participated in a remote Earth Day clean-up.  In 2020, not even the COVID-19 pandemic could stop employees from taking some time out of their day to clean-up their neighborhoods.  This just goes to show the level of dedication & commitment to the environment and sustainability that all MER employees possess.  It is especially important to MER that we keep the places where we live and work, clean, beautiful, and healthy. 

     This is the perfect example of how an Earth Day clean-up or any clean-up throughout the year does not have to be a large, organized event to be effective and make a difference.  Whether you pick up trash with friends and family in your neighborhood or sign up for an official, organized Earth Day event you are still playing a significant role in maintaining a clean and pristine environment.  There is no such thing as a clean-up effort that is too small, because doing something is always better than doing nothing at all.

    To ensure the same level of success as the Earth Day clean-up last year we will be planning the river clean-up for the week of Earth Day, since it falls on a Friday and we know we can get more employees to participate if it is planned for earlier in the week.  A specific day and time for the river clean-up will be selected and announced soon.   If employees cannot join us on the day of the river clean-up, then we encourage them to grab a garbage bag and some gloves and pick-up trash in their neighborhood just like they did in 2020.


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