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MER COVID-19 Client Strategy Update


Health and Safety Guide MER’s Strategy to Provide Critical Service to our Clients

A Message from the President and CEO:

Over the past months, we have seen a rapidly evolving and serious situation as the coronavirus impacts the U.S. in unprecedented ways. MER immediately established an internal Steering Committee focused on monitoring and responding to this highly-fluid situation. The Committee’s priorities were protecting the health and safety of our employees and clients and putting protocols and procedures in place to ensure that we can safely continue to provide critical services to our clients throughout the crisis. We have implemented a number of actions to safeguard our employees and do our part to mitigate the spread of the virus.

  • Workplace Safety Procedures: Following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and recommendations, we established and continue to enhance workplace safety procedures specific to COVID-19.
  • Training: The Health & Safety team delivered COVID-19 Awareness Training module to every employee within MER and its subsidiaries.
  • Communications: MER activated its employee emergency link on its website, its employee emergency text service, and established a COVID-19 employee portal for timely communications.
  • Telecommuting: We implemented a temporary telecommuting arrangement for employees whose job duties are conducive to working from home, but who do not regularly telecommute.
  • Our Clients: We are following both CDC and Governmental guidance on adopting various Health and Safety policies. Our clients are counting on us to help them through this crisis. Our Teams are performing essential work for many clients, and we are actively assisting in the decontamination of facilities and assets for others. Below you will find a summary of some of the protective measures we have established:
    • Updated JHA’s, AHA’s and SOP’s to reflect specific health and safety protocols as they relate to COVID-19
    • COVID-19 Preventative Measures Certification
    • MER employees are identified as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers
    • Established COVID-19 Safety Precaution Certification for MER subcontractors

MER believes that proper education, preparation, and execution of safe HAZMAT and infectious disease response procedures ensure the safety of our employees, the employees of our clients, and the general public. Additionally, strict maintenance of the Health and Safety Program keeps us current with the rapidly evolving requirements of this issue, enabling our response teams to serve as a prepared and informed resource throughout the COVID-19 situation.

Our customers and partners rely on us for a safe, deliberate, and well-managed response. This current global crisis is no different. MER has fully trained HAZMAT teams in all of our operational regions and has the required capabilities to respond to suspected or confirmed COVID-19 contamination incidents. We have continued to service a significant number of our clients who have counted on us to help them through this crisis. Our environmental crews have successfully completed hundreds of individual COVID-19 response projects over the past several months.

The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming our lives in unprecedented ways. This developing situation has challenged us to test our planning and preparedness procedures, develop and implement new ways to support and care for our employees, and serve our clients. We are proud to deliver essential services to support the fight against COVID-19, and our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the virus.

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