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MER began its long legacy of performance-driven delivery of service in Environmental Services. Today our Environmental and Industrial Business Unit (EIBU) continues to deliver that same level of superior service, rooted in our culture of safety. Our expert staff, specialized equipment, and vast network of locations allow MER to continually meet the intense demands of industries all across North America. 

We provide remediation, coastal and marine studies, and waste management & recycling services to clients through our strategically located resource centers along the East Coast and in the Midwest of the U.S. MER has built a national reputation in the area of spill preparedness and response and are contracted to support national clients, government agencies, and three major regional spill cooperatives. 

Specialized Services:

Coastal & Marine Studies


Habitat Mapping

Marine & Coastal Hazards

Endangered Species Surveys

Underwater Detection & Mapping

Oil Spill Preparedness and Response


Soil Remediation & Removal

Transportation & Disposal        

Tank Removal


PCP Decontamination

Waste Management & Recycling

Wastewater Treatment

Transportation & Beneficial Re-use

Hazardous Waste Management