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Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC (MER) offers its clients routine and recurring industrial services within their plants, facilities, vessels/barges, as well as at off-site locations. In industrial cleaning, as with MER’s other services, the difference is in MER’s people and equipment. MER provides hard working, safety-conscious people to do what can be very dirty and at times dangerous work. These people make themselves experts at understanding the layout, rules, and risks of client facilities. These experts make use of specialized, reliable equipment customized to service our clients' unique needs. These services include: 

  • Hydroblasting Technology
  • CO2 Blasting
  • Bulk Fuel Tank Cleaning
  • Barge/Vessel Cleaning
  • Remote Camera Sensing
  • Utility Manhole & Vault Cleaning
  • Hazardous Product Transfer
  • Pole Hardening
  • Commercial Diving
  • Confined Space Standby Rescue (CSR) Services