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MER Holds Hurricane Week for Employees


At MER, our ability to perform for our clients is supported by our capabilities and culture. During hurricane season, we must maintain a state of readiness to be able to assist our clients in preparing for and responding to a hurricane or other natural disasters. An important part of our plan is to ensure that our employees and their families are informed, prepared, and protected.

For the week of July 12-16, MER’s Emergency Management Team (MEMT) held Hurricane Week for employees. Throughout the week, employees participated in daily meetings to review critical information that helps navigate through a natural disaster. The presentations provided essential information and resources to employees. In the event of a crisis, our objectives for incident response are always: 

  • Ensure the safety and well-being of employees and their families
  • Protect MER facilities, assets, and infrastructure
  • Provide Emergency Response aid and services to our clients

John Silva, Vice President of Emergency Response and Preparedness, organized the event, “Our clients regularly call upon MER to respond to hurricanes and other disasters. These events are areas that MER really excels in, so it is important that we support our employees and keep them properly informed around knowing the risk, making a plan, and understanding communication tools and resources available to them and their families. To be prepared and informed is something that MER prides itself on and makes us who we are— “We are MER.” 

To learn more about MER’s Emergency Response and Preparedness Program visit us at: https://www.moranenvironmental.com/Core_Competencies/Emergency_Response/

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