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MER Randolph crews respond to gasoline spill on Dorchester Avenue in Boston


Moran Environmental Recovery (MER) emergency response teams were dispatched in response to an overnight gasoline spill in Dorchester (Boston), MA. A gasoline tanker carrying 11,000 gallons of fuel had two of its five compartments punctured during a trucking accident, resulting in the release of an estimated 1,000 gallons of gasoline from the tank before the leak was stopped. The fuel ran down-hill along Dorchester avenue, and spilled into 12 catch basins leading out to Boston Harbor.

MER worked alongside Boston Fire, Boston Police, the Department of Environmental Protection, and The United States Coast Guard in containing and cleaning up the spill. MER teams provided vacuum trucks to clean up the free-product, and removed all of the absorbent material from the streets, and dikes preventing further spread of the gasoline. All catch basins had to be entered and cleaned, and treated as a high-hazard potentially flammable environment.

To read more about the spill, please see below.

Tank Truck Crash Triggers Fuel Spill in Dorchester: CBS Boston.com 6/15/12

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