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MER featured in the community section of JAXPORT magazine's summer 2011 edition


Moran Environmental Recovery (MER), and it's affiliates Water Recovery, Inc (WRI), and Jacksonville Pollution Control (JPC), were featured in the Community section of the 2011 Summer Edition of JAXPORT magazine.

Exerpt below: From the article written by Marcia Mattson, JAXPORT magazine:

JAXPORT and its tenants adhere to all local, state and federal environmental regulations. While local, state and federal agencies enforce environmental laws, service providers like Moran Environmental Recovery (MER) assist port businesses with their environmental needs.

"We focus on being prepared to enter both planned and emergency response situations so that our workers and the public are safe from harm, and so we can quickly and efficiently conduct work that first prevents any impact to the environmental and then helps to clean up existing areas," said Jay Daniel, MER Regional Vice President.

MER expanded in January with the acquisition of Water Recovery, LLC (WRI), and again in May with the addition of oil spill removal organization Jacksonville Pollution Control (JPC). Moran Towing Corporation is a partial owner as well as a valued business partner of MER.

WRI is a Jacksonville centralized waste water treatment plant that specializes in non-hazardous industrial waste water transportation, treatment and disposal. The plant is also fully integrated and permitted by Florida Department of Environmental Protection as a used oil recycling facility.

"Our staff is truly committed to WRI's reputation for honesty, integrity, and industry leading regulatory compliance," said Greg Reynolds, WRI's Vice President and General Manager.

In the past four years, WRI has won three consecutive Environmental Stewardship awards from local electric authority JEA, and in 2008 was honored with JEA's highest award, the Platinum Award for Environmental Excellence. The partnership allows MER to provide services that include integrated waste management by specialists in the industry.

For a complete copy of the article, written by Marcia Mattson of JAXPORT magazine, please click here.

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