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MER performs boom deployment exercise with Coast Guard in Lazaretto Creek, near Savannah, GA


On Thursday, April 14th, MER's South-Coastal Marine Emergency Management Team (MEMT) personnel participated in a Coast Guard spill deployment training exercise in Lazaretto Creek, near Savannah, GA. MER personnel worked with the Coast Guard to simulate an oil spill using peat-moss as a non-hazardous material representing the oil. Utilizing our 24' work boats, MER worked with the Coast Guard on various containment methods, including forming J and U formations using 18' floating harbor boom. These methods contain and control the oil so that it can be cleaned up, and directed away from shore.

The exercises are designed not only to practice spill response skills, but to develop strong working relationships between Port Partners and stake-holders in the event of a spill.

To see the video, please click here.

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