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Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC (MER) announces brand consolidation of Jacksonville Pollution Control (JPC)



Jim McLaughlin, Executive Director of Jacksonville Spillage Control stated, "The JSC looks forward to continuing the outstanding relationship we have built with MER, and its employees over the past five years."

Jacksonville, Florida–June 28, 2016– Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC (MER) announced today the consolidation of Jacksonville Pollution Control (JPC) under the MER brand. Since being acquired by MER in May 2011, JPC has operated under its legacy name.

Originally established by the late Earl Edenfield, JPC was created to provide oil spill stand-by and response services to Jacksonville Spillage Control (JSC), an oil spill cooperative formed in 1973 and the first of its kind in the United States. The company will continue to provide the same service to the cooperative, as well as its base clients; but will do so now under the MER brand. 

“The gradual transition of the JPC name over to the MER brand is a natural step in a plan established five years ago when JPC was first acquired,” said Brian House, President and Chief Executive Officer of MER. “During this time, our Team has worked closely with members of the Jacksonville Spillage Control to build confidence in our ability to support their needs, and we see this announcement as a final, seamless step in that process.”

Stephen Lamir will continue to oversee daily operations of the JSC contract activities, and will continue to be supported by John Silva, MER’s Vice President of Operations and Response Services.

For a copy of the Press Release, please click here. For further information, please contact:

John Silva

Vice President, Operations and Response Services

Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC



Brian J. House

President and Chief Executive Officer

Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC


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