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MER Emergency Management Team (MEMT) is ready for Hurricane Season


MER’s Emergency Management Team (MEMT) is actively tracking the 2020 hurricane season. In additional to our ongoing Emergency Preparedness and Response program, with the increased restrictions due to COVID-19, our organization is taking additional health and safety precautions to ensure that our teams are ready to support our clients such as:

  • Virtual Incident Command Post (ICP) procedures have been established to coordinate resources and support throughout an event.
  • MER is an Essential Critical Infrastructure Contractor and has procedures in place to be at the ready.
  • All employees must complete an Employee Pre-Screening COVID-19 Questionnaire for each week when reporting to our facilities or job site.
  • Temperature checks are performed every day at all offices and job sites.
  • CDC guidance for social distancing and facial coverings are in place.
  • Subcontractors and vendors are also certified they are following equal or greater COVID-19 precautions. 

CLICK HERE  to learn more about the services we provide and for a summary of MER’s COVID-19  protocols.

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