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Water Recovery, LLC Upgrades Water Treatment System


After a full year of research and development, Water Recovery, LLC (WRI), a MER subsidiary, upgraded their water treatment system with the addition of a new Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system at their facility in Jacksonville, FL. The new DAF system can double the productivity of WRI's water treatment system by processing 300-gallons of oil per minute. This method allows WRI to provide a more efficient process to their clients with a quicker offload and less downtime for drivers. The new press has the capabilities to capture a higher volume of oil that can be recycled at their facility. 

WRI is an award-winning Centralized Wastewater Treatment (CWT) plant specializing in non-hazardous wastewater treatment and used oil recycling. The state-of-the-art Jacksonville, FL facility is designed to exceed stringent EPA standards for the Centralized Waste Treatment industry. Continuous improvement initiatives are in place to maintain their reputation as the most versatile and technically capable CWT plant in the region.

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