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Drummac Supervisor Receives Chris McLarney Award


Drummac is pleased to announce Alex Jones, Supervisor at the St. Albans, VT, site the 2020 Chris McLarney Award recipient. This award is given annually to a Drummac employee in honor of Chris McLarney, a Drummac Supervisor from Portland, OR who passed away from cancer in 2015. Each year Drummac Supervisors and Managers nominate team members for the namesake award when someone is consistently going above and beyond with the same dedication and integrity as Chris McLarney. In addition to the award, the company makes a donation to the Pacific Railroad Preservation Association (sps700.org)  in the name of the annual winner. 

Throughout the pandemic, which has caused an ongoing closure of his jobsite, Alex continued to step up to support other locations. He provided mechanical and supervisory training, assistance during CFR238 audits, and coverage for out of scope work in Raleigh, NC for more than a month. Additionally, there were many other employees who were nominated for their exemplary contributions.
Drummac, Incorporated is recognized as an authority on and sought after for our expertise in mechanical maintenance, inspections, repairs and cleaning in the transportation industry.

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