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Water Recovery (WRI) Receives Award from the Jacksonville Energy Authority (JEA)



Water Recovery, LLC. (WRI), a MER subsidiary, is the proud recipient of the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) 2019 Industrial Pretreatment Environmental Stewardship Award. 

Each year JEA rates WRI on their compliance to exceed industry standards. WRI has been the recipient of the Industrial Pretreatment Environmental Stewardship Award a total of ten times since 2007. Due to COVID-19, the award presentation was delayed until December 2020. 

WRI has also previously received the Platinum award - an award that is very difficult to achieve as it requires maintaining a violation-free year for five consecutive years. This was a goal that the WRI team worked extremely hard to achieve. 

Water Recovery is an award-winning Centralized Wastewater Treatment plant specializing in non-hazardous wastewater treatment and used oil recycling. 

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