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Marine Spill Response/OPA 90 Coverage

Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC (MER) marine spill response program was developed to support organizations that need to meet the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA90). MER offers customized and specialized marine spill response services to clients' companies involved in the handling and transport of oil and other substances via coastal and other navigable waterways throughout the United States. Our spill response capabilities can satisfy both the planning and response requirements of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA-90) including:

  •     Average Most Probable Discharges
  •     Maximum Most Probable Discharges
  •     Shallow Water Response Capabilities
  •     Shoreline Protection and Cleanups

MER is a recognized leader in responding to spills in the marine environment. The company owns an extensive inventory of specialized equipment including boats, skimming systems, containment booms and temporary storage units.

MER holds several response contracts with nationally-recognized spill response groups such as; Marine Spill Response Corp (MSRC) and National Response Corp (NRC). In addition to those relationships, MER works with spill managers like Gallagher Marine Systems, Witt O'Brien's, and The Response Group.

MER's local response teams are training on a regular basis to meet its OSRO requirements:

  • Notification Drills
  • Spill Management Team (SMT) Drills
  • Monthly Equipment Inspections
  • Quarterly Equipment Deployments
  • Internal and Client Table Top Exercises (TTX)

As part of MER's overall Spill Response Program, it also offers Co-op Development and Management services. This provides a group of plan holders, equipment, training, exercises, and continued education to maintain required coverage at a manageable cost.

MER is a member of the Spill Control Association of America (SCAA), the leading trade group in the oil spill response industry.

"What I love about my job is the variety of work we perform; one week I could be in British Columbia helping the First Nations with oil spill tactic plans and protecting their culture and environment and the next week I could be down in a cylcone in a power plant.

We have a great team, that's what keeps me coming to work! If a spill happens, we are all team players, any of us will run out the door to respond on any given day.

We have a lot of pride in our safety program. Safety is our #1 goal and the company is committed to ensure that everyone has the proper safety training and gear. "

- John DuPonte, Field Services Superintendent