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Confined Space Standby Rescue (CSR)

Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC (MER) offers Confined Space Standby Rescue (CSR) as a service to our valued clients. As a safety-sensitive organization, MER makes safety our number one priority. Our highest objective is protecting our clients, the public, and our employees from harm.

Each year, hundreds of industry workers suffer needless injury, even death, due to inadequate and sometimes non-existent Confined Space Entry (CSE) programs. When working in Permit Required Confined Spaces, OSHA regulations require a Confined Space Entry supervisor and attendant on the job site. If an OSHA job site inspection reveals non-compliance, OSHA can cite the employer with notices of violation, citations, and large monetary penalties. As a service to our clients, MER provides confined space rescue services with teams of well-trained, experienced rescue professionals. MER rescue teams train multiple times every year to ensure our teams have the advanced knowledge needed to provide clients with rescue capabilities of all levels of complexity. Additionally, MER can provide clients with confined space assessments to ensure that our clients are meeting all the regulatory requirements per 29 CFR 1910.146. Like the approach with our training services, our goal is to ensure that our clients are educated in the areas in which they request assistance. Our teams will ensure that clients understand what they are required to do per regulations, and then help them meet those requirements.

Rope/High Angle Rescue:

MER also provides Rope/High Angle Rescue services to our clients. High Angle Rescue work conditions exist when performed on terrain or surfaces with a slope equal to or greater than 60 degrees. Adequate rope systems must be constructed to prevent working employees from falling, while providing trained rescuers with the leverage necessary to gain access to and egress from the rescue location. Examples of high angle locations include: pipe racks, ledges, cat-walks, tops of vessels, silos, storage tanks, and water towers.

High angles are also found below grade level in ship holds, barges, tunnels, sewer and piping systems, and vaults. Good, competent technical rescue skills involving ropes, anchoring and belaying systems, lowering and hauling systems and stretcher work are mandatory for the safe performance of the rescue team.

Our rescuers are fully trained in:

  • Confined Space Rescue planning/operations
  • Hazmat operations level (Response)
  • Lockout tag out
  • First aid, CPR & bloodborne pathogens
  • Atmospheric monitoring

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