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April Safety Brief


Note from Leanne:

Here at MER, we have a tremendously successful Best-in-Class Employee Development program. With features such as smaller classes (6-8 students) to help increase student involvement and knowledge retention, an elevated focus on hands-on, high-energy training (as opposed to lectures or PowerPoint presentations) and a high number of training hours (the average employee completes 80 hours worth of training annually), I believe our program is one of the best in our industry. In addition to those in-house features that tend to be safety-related, our employee development program includes external education opportunities such as classes for public speaking, leadership training and training on various Microsoft Office programs (Excel, PowerPoint etc.), just to name a few. MER is committed to our employees’ development, both safety-related and otherwise; if you’re interested in furthering your development, or have ideas on how to improve our program, contact any one of our team members.

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