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May Safety Brief


Note from Leanne: 

As we roll into our month of CSR Proficiency Evaluations, I think it’s important to step back for a moment and reflect on the importance of these skill assessments. The CSR Proficiency Evaluations allow us to ensure that anyone designated as a CSR, either for internal activity or CSR standby for clients, has a knowledge base that will allow them to safely perform a rescue in the event of an emergency. It’s a way for MER to check the effectiveness of our CSR training program and identify any areas of our training that might need to be improved upon. It’s also a way for us to distinguish ourselves in the eyes of our CSR clients. Instead of our employees simply completing an annual CSR training and then being issued a cert, regardless of whether they can perform those skills or not, we legitimately measure the competency of each employee on an individual basis to determine their capabilities to work in an environment that does not allow for an inadequate knowledge base or decision making skills. The effort is substantial and it is essential to the protection of our employees, our company and our clients; without it, we compromise the integrity of our company and we jeopardize the safety of all those involved in confined space activity.

For a complete copy of our May Safety Brief, please click here.


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