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September Safety Brief


Please see MER's Monthly Safety Brief and Newsletter for the month of September that we share with our employees.  We invite you to follow these monthly submittals by following our Blog.

A note from Leanne:

"…Rounding third and heading for home…" For those familiar with the popular baseball phrase, you know it means that the person on base is on the last leg of their journey home. At this point, there are two possible outcomes a) they can be thrown out; or b) they can make it home safely, score a run, hopefully helping their team win the game. Our 2012 Best-in-Class safety journey is in the same place, figuratively speaking. We are turning the corner from Q3 to Q4 and looking to make it to the end of 2012 without any additional injuries. Doing so won’t ensure a victory in our journey towards Best-in-Class, but it certainly will help. As we move through the rest of the year, I encourage everyone to stay safe and stay focused; the efforts we put forth between today and the end of 2012 will help determine our success for both this year and beyond.

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