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March Safety Brief



A Note from Leanne...

Over the next few months, MER employees will be working in facilities that are temporarily shut down for maintenance; these facilities will be operating round-the-clock to meet strict deadlines to return to full service as soon as possible. Tight schedules, specialty safety-sensitive activities, increased labor needs and non-MER contractors make “Outage Season” one of the busiest and arguably most dangerous times of the year for MER. 

The stress of this season has the potential to test our employees’ commitment to safety. It is critical that our employees stay true to our culture and place safety at the forefront of every conversation held, every decision made and every action taken. Let’s ensure that we don’t allow the pressures of Outage Season compromise the safety of our employees or the integrity of our program. 

For a complete copy of our March Safety Brief, please click here.


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