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May Safety Brief


A Note From Human Resources:

Over the last year, the Human Resources (HR) Department has had the pleasure of meeting and/or speaking with many of our MER Family of Company employees and we are consistently impressed with our people. Everyone is committed to not only ensuring a safe working environment at our sites, but also promoting a feeling of security with each other.  Security, communication, and awareness drive both HR and Health and Safety. Over the course of the past year, we have seen co-workers wait for others to finish shifts so they can leave in groups. There have been reminders to take care while traveling, both for work activity and commuting travel; colleagues have made calls, sent messages and performed Well Checks to ensure that coworkers are doing well, again, both work-related and personally.  During our tours of our Resource Centers and Locations, we observed simple but meaningful actions such as blown lights being quickly replaced, doors being locked if we were working late, food or beverages being offered if we stood still for more than 5 minutes, and so on. These everyday actions display not only a safe and secure working environment, but also a commitment to mutual respect and care for one another.

For a complete copy of our May Safety Brief, please click here.


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