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Safety Brief for August


Below, please find a note from Leanne, our Vice President of Safety and Training, as an excerpt from MER's August Safety Brief.  We send a monthly Safety Brief and Newsletter out to all of our personnel, to help insure that safety is more than just a program at MER, it's a part of our culture.  We invite you to follow our Safety Brief's by subscribing to our blog.

A Note from Leanne:

Best-in-Class is not for everyone; the standards by which we choose to operate can be time-consuming, inconvenient and at times, can even seem excessive. I’ve been told many times that the standards to which we hold our employees often far exceed the standards of both our clients and various regulatory agencies. As we strive to build a better, safer and more successful organization, I believe it’s critical to operate with the highest set of standards and exceed our industries’ expectations, as opposed to falling short of any one set of expectations, including those of our employees and their families. Best-in-Class is not for everyone, but for anyone who wants to work for the MER family of companies, it's the only set of standards with which we operate.

 Please click here for a complete copy of the Newsletter.


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