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June Safety Brief


A Note from Leanne...

The National Safety Council recognizes June as National Safety Month, a month dedicated to heightened safety awareness, risk assessment and injury/illness prevention. This designation means that across the country, organizations in all different industries are going to place an extra amount of attention on the safety of their employees through campaigns, special training and safety-focused events. 

I fully support this celebration and am grateful that there is an organization out there driving not only occupational safety but also safety at home. With that said, I am also tremendously proud of our organization as we choose to drive this value everyday at the highest level without need for a special campaign or celebration. Our Best-in-Class safety culture is substantial and thriving in every aspect of our organization and it’s especially evident in the quality of employees we have across our Family of Companies.

On behalf of the Safety Team, thank you for making safety an ordinary, uncelebrated part of your everyday lives.

To view a full-version of the June Safety Brief, please click here.


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