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August Safety Brief


A Note from John Silva

Just as the MER Family of Companies has grown and evolved through the years, MER’s Preparedness and Emergency Response program has also seen a tremendous evolution; from a small locally-managed program that started with responses to home-heating oil spills and truck rollovers, MER’s Preparedness and Emergency Response program has evolved into a nationally-recognized Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) that responds to large spill events all over the country and manages several oil spill response cooperatives on the east coast.

According to the US Coast Guard’s website, there are 554 registered OSROs; what makes MER different then the other 553 spill response companies? Is it the vacuum equipment or the boom? Is it the skimmers or the boats? It’s none of these. What sets MER apart from the other companies is the commitment of our employees to safe and effective spill responses. Our dedicated and passionate employees exhibit excellence at every stage of our responses; those efforts have allowed MER to stay injury-free through most of our large-scale responses.

On behalf of the MER organization and those on the Preparedness and Emergency Response Team, thank you for all your efforts during all of our emergency responses.

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