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September Safety Brief


A Note from Tom Eason...

Safety is the primary focus to every task approached. In the diving community, an industry that allows no margin for error when it comes to safety, we at Eason Diving and Marine Contractors (EDMC) live this value every day.

The EDMC team provides commercial diving services to energy, marine, rail and government clients throughout the southeastern United States. As an inland provider of commercial diving services, we are primarily regulated by OSHA’s Commercial Diving Operations regulations (29 CFR 1910 Subpart T); however, as a responsible diving contractor, we adhere to the more stringent safety practices found in the Association of Diving Contractors International Consensus Standards. Our higher standard for safety has served us well over the past 34 years and we are very proud of the safety achievements that our company has seen through the years.

As we approach the 5-month milestone since joining the MER Family of Companies, we are pleased to have aligned ourselves with an organization with similarly high safety values and are excited to see the future success we are certain to enjoy together.

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