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October Safety Brief


A Note from Ashley Rea

Drummac has been a passenger rail industry service provider for over 40 years, and a part of the MER Family of Companies for 2-1/2 years. While the services provided to the rail industry have not changed, joining the MER Family of Companies has allowed Drummac to grow and improve in many ways. Most notably is the incorporation of a Best-in-Class safety culture to Drummac and its employees.

Drummac has some unique challenges for ensuring a safe working environment. We currently have 200+ employees in 24 railroad yards servicing over 100 trains every day. Most of our employees operate as lone workers in low-visibility conditions, on uneven surfaces and adjacent to “live” tracks. Training, proper PPE and nightly tailgate meetings are imperative to keeping our employees safe.

We are pleased to report that since joining the MER Family of Companies, 16 Drummac locations have remained injury-free. Additionally, Drummac employees now have additional opportunities for career advancement by taking part in specialized safety training such as Bloodborne Pathogen and HAZWOPER training.

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