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November Safety Brief


A Note from Greg Reynolds

Water Recovery, LLC (WRI) is a Centralized Wastewater Treatment (CWT) plant specializing in non-hazardous wastewater treatment and used oil recycling. Located in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, the WRI plant employs the latest CWT technologies to include an onsite laboratory, multiple high-volume pumps for offloading trucks and several aboveground storage and treatment tanks.

Because WRI is an industrial production environment, our employees engage in many repetitive tasks, such as unloading trucks. Repetitive tasks can lull experienced employees into a quiet sense of false security, which is when the temptation to take procedural or personal protective equipment (PPE) short cuts can kill. Complacency is an all day every day enemy of safety at WRI.

Let me appeal to each of you to not become complacent about the work place hazards you engage every day. In my career, my eyesight has twice been saved ONLY because I was wearing my eye protection. On one occasion I was struck in the face by a sudden fire; I can see today because I was wearing my safety glasses in the lab. Years later, while transferring a chemical from one tank to another alone in a basement on a Sunday morning, the line split and I was sprayed directly in the face. This chemical would have caused instant and irreversible blindness if I wasn’t wearing chemical goggles and a face shield. In each of these settings I was completing tasks I had done many times before without any incident. It would have been easy and human nature to take a shortcut on PPE. Please WEAR your eye protection always, and help your workplace brothers and sisters to do the same.

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