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January 2015 Safety Brief


A Note from Leanne...

Happy New Year! I hope everyone took the opportunity to enjoy the recent holiday season, spend time with family and friends and take some time to relax and recharge. As we kick off 2015, we find ourselves with various outlooks on the New Year. Some of us will look back on 2014 and want to continue the success we experienced in various aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally. Some of us will reflect on 2014 and identify opportunities for improvement and ways that the year could have been better.

I encourage you to take the opportunity that each New Year provides and do both. Every New Year presents us with a clean slate, an opportunity for a fresh start where we can right the wrongs of the previous year and look forward to new success. Additionally, the New Year provides us with an opportunity to one-up our previous year; if you had a great 2014, look at 2015 as a chance to be even greater.

Here’s to new beginnings and continued success in 2015! 

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