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February 2015 Safety Brief


A Note from Leanne…

Every so often, the discussion of “Want vs. Need” or “Gotta Have vs. Nice to Have” with regards to Safety rears its ugly head. Usually, it’s a conversation about what’s “really needed” to get the job done: How many people do we really need for a Confined Space Rescue Team? Do the employees really need that safety training? It comes from all sources and directions: clients, vendors, competitors and sometimes, it even comes from within the MER Family of Companies.

It’s true: at first blush, Safety can sometimes look like a “Nice to Have” feature of an organization or something that ultimately will end up costing someone more money or time. But more often than not, you’ll find that Safety is a necessity of doing business; it’s a “Gotta Have.” And though the value of Safety may often be hidden, it shows itself when it’s most needed: in a Good Catch that could’ve resulted a bad injury; a contract that’s won because of our safety program and injury record; and most importantly, it’s found each night when we return home safely after a hard day at work.

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