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October Safety Brief


Please see MER's Monthly Safety Brief and Newsletter for the month of October that we share with our employees.  We invite you to follow these monthly submittals by following our Blog.

A Note From Leanne:

When someone asks you about your job, what do you say? Do you explain to them the type of work our companies perform, the type of clients we have or maybe tell them about the specialty projects or big spills that we’re involved in? Do you tell them about the MER family of companies or the different locations that we have? How many times do you tell people about our Best-in-Class safety program or about the specialty PPE we utilize or the safety training that all of our employees go through? Do you ever talk about our Good Catch program or our Site Assessment initiative? If safety isn’t relevant when you describe your job, how relevant is it when you’re actually doing your job?

Please see a complete copy of our October Safety Brief here:


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