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June 2015 Safety Brief


A Note from Leanne...

Every day, every month, and every year we spend valuable time discussing and focusing on employee safety. We have daily tailgate meetings, job hazard analyses, safety training, our monthly Safety Brief and a plethora of other ways to communicate and exercise the value of safety.

As we celebrate National Safety Month, I think the message of this Safety Brief encompasses the true value of our Best-in-Class culture. Everything we do to ensure a safe working en­vironment and teach the importance of working safely is to help provide our employees the opportunity to go home every night and enjoy our lives outside of work.

So as you read through this month’s Safety Brief, recognize that though safety is always a priority at MER, we should take this opportunity to place special focus on our safe behaviors this month; that focus and attention will ultimately allow us to enjoy what’s most important in our lives: all of the things we live for.

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