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August 2015 Safety Brief


A Note from Leanne

In the various industries in which our Family of Companies work, falls from heights are one of the most abundant hazards that our employees face each and every day. And while fall protection is one of the most basic aspects of any safety program (ours included) and even though fall protection has become one of OSHA’s most marketed hazard awareness campaigns, falls from heights still account for approximately 35% of occupational fatalities and 12% of nonfatal occupational injuries in the US construction industry every year. 

August’s Safety Brief is focused on providing key information in support of protecting our employees from injuries sustained from falls while working at heights; like every issue, the goal is to educate our employees BEFORE an injury occurs. We hope you enjoy reading this month’s issue and that you consider how the information and solutions provided on fall protection apply to your day-to-day work environment. Keep it safe! 

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