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November 2015 Safety Brief


A Note from Leanne…

Next to employee safety, MER’s commitment to employee development is one of the most important aspects of MER’s Best-in-Class culture. MER’s Employee Development Program (EDP) is a collection of ever-evolving components/methods of development designed to help drive the growth of our employees and our Company. 

The most common type of development that is typically associated with technical qualifications is “training.” Employees across the MER Family of Companies participate in as many as 90 hours of training each year, varying from Company orientation to computer training on Microsoft® Excel or Word to advanced confined space rescue certification.

In addition to the type of training listed above, MER employee have access to soft skills training, which is a type of development focusing on skills that are more universal in nature and can apply to any employee regardless of their position or the industry in which they work. Training in problem solving, adaptability, conflict resolution and other soft skills are all available through both formal programs and informal mentorship relationships. 

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