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January - February MER Insider


A Note from Leanne…

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season and we hope your year is getting off to a great start. If you’re familiar with the MER Safety Brief, you know that though many of the articles each month are safety-related, there are just as many articles in each issue that focus on non-safety related topics, such as health and wellness, employee development and company growth.

As you read through this month’s double-issue (Jan & Feb), you’ll notice that in addition to the new name, we’ve added some new non-safety related sections to our periodical: Employee Anniversaries, Now Hiring and Survey Says, just to name a few.  As our organization continues to grow and evolve, we wanted to reflect that growth through our already successful monthly newsletter while ensuring that we kept employee safety at the forefront of our message.

We hope you like the changes that we’ve made to our employee newsletter and we encourage everyone to continue providing our Team with feedback on ways that we can improve our communications across the company.

Stay safe in 2016!

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