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MER Corporate Stewardship Program


As we wrap up the holidays, often referred to as the ‘season of giving’, we decided to dedicate this issue of the INSIDER to the many ways our employees give of themselves and their resources. Our Company is filled with people who genuinely care about each other and their communities. Over the years, many of you have demonstrated your compassion by giving your time, talent, and resources to various community and charitable organizations. In an effort to further strengthen the giving program already in place, we have developed a more formalized process to ensure that MER continues to encourage and reinforce your commitment to goodwill programs, while building a unified program that will support you as individuals and strengthen our impact as a whole. Today, we launch of the MER Stewardship Fund for Community Impact grant program. Together, we are going to inspire each other, connect with our communities on a deeper level, humanize our work lives even more, and elevate the way we relate to the company and to one another.


Here’s how it works:


Meet as a group with your colleagues and determine what charity initiatives are important, meaningful to your team, and impactful in your communities. These can be organizations you’ve worked with in the past or a new one. Collectively determine a cause and complete the Community Impact Grant application. Because the MER Stewardship Fund will support a wide range of charitable programs, Community Impact Grants will be funded up to $500.00. Though preferable, it is not required that it be a group effort. Individuals may seek funds for a charitable organization for which they are passionate about.


Often individuals have charities that they are personally passionate about. You may use the Community Impact Grant application when seeking corporate support and/or resources for your initiative. 


Email us at stewardship@moranenvironmental.com for more information about the program and to obtain an application.


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