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Environmental Stewardship


As announced in the last MER Insider, the MER Stewardship program is up and running. So far this year, we have funded 16 Community Impact Grants, submitted and executed by team members from throughout the organization. We have loved supporting your enthusiastic commitment to your community! This spring we supported a new initiative. In June, members of the corporate team participated in the Boston 02 Breathe Walk in support of Joe Volino and his family. With your support, we collectively raised $7,000 for this great cause!

If you have an idea for an impact grant project in your area, please contact Ashley Dopf at stewardship@moranenvironmental.com 

At MER, by the very nature of our business, we consistently seek to understand our impact on the environment and are determined to improve our business practices to:

  • Continuously minimize our carbon footprint
  • Contribute to the knowledge and understanding of environmental impacts
  • Use resources responsibly
  • Encourage our clients and suppliers to embrace sustainable practices 

We are pleased to announce that this fall we will begin investing in a program that lays out green initiatives to further our commitment to Environmental Stewardship. These will include initiatives that assess and improve upon power and energy use, transportation, recycling and materials reuse, lighting, and even paper used. We are excited for the MER family to be part of our Environmental Stewardship program. It’s one of the most rewarding things we can all do as a company to attract more diverse customers, hire better-engaged employees, and solidify ourselves as key members of our local communities. 


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