Moran Environmental Recovery

November 2012

November Safety Brief

Friday, November 30, 2012

Please see MER's Monthly Safety Brief and Newsletter for the month of November that we share with our employees.  We invite you to follow these monthly submittals by following our Blog.

A Note From Leanne: November

"The holiday season is upon us; it’s the time of year when many of us start reflecting on the last eleven months or so, and start thinking about all of the new beginnings ahead of us with the New Year. With all of that thinking about our past and our future, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how important it is to think about the present, and focus on what you’re doing right here, right now. As we celebrate this holiday season, please take the time to think about safety: your safety, your co-workers’ safety and the safety of your family. Though not typically a gift found under the tree, coming home safely from work each day is the best present you can ever give."

For a complete copy of our November Safety Brief, please click here.

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