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An Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

11/22/2021 by qrelihan

Celebrating An Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving:

  1. Shop local and organic
  2. Plan and prepare the right amount of food for guests, as to minimize waste
  3. If travel is unavoidable, plan to travel during off-peak hours to reduce emissions from traffic
  4. Encourage family & friends to bring Tupperware for leftovers
  5. Avoid using paper plates & plasticware
  6. Skip the artificial and disposable decorations, as they only contribute to waste
  7. Recycle glass or plastic bottles
  8. Compost food waste
  9. Organize dishes in dishwasher to get the most out of every load
  10. Incorporate more plant-based food and less meat
  11. Avoid making typically unpopular side dishes that will likely go to waste
  12. While the food is in the oven…
    1. Turn off the TV & lights
    2. Lower the temperature in the house (as the heat from the oven will contribute to the temperature in the house)


Why celebrate a green Thanksgiving?

   First, celebrating a green Thanksgiving does not require drastic measures, in fact by just doing one of the 12 things from the list above, you are contributing to an eco-friendly holiday.  Most people already take environmentally sustainable actions on Thanksgiving by planning to avoid traffic and breaking out their finest dining sets.  Since Thanksgiving started as a celebration of gratitude for the food and life that the land had given the colonists and Native Americans, it is important to do what we can to preserve that environment. Therefore, I encourage you to pick at least one item from the list above to do and be sure to add the environment to the things that you are thankful for this year.


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