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New Year's Resolutions to Become More Environmentally Sustainable

1/10/2022 by qrelihan

   Many of you are about a week into your New Year’s Resolutions, but if you are not, I have a few suggestions of small changes you can make this year that will make a big difference for the environment. Most of these resolution ideas will be familiar to you, and some you may have tried in the past but to provide some additional motivation I have also included the environmental impact you can have if you implement these changes.

Switch from plastic water bottles to reusable water bottles


-According to Beyond Plastics (2022) an individual can keep an average of 156 plastic water bottles per year

-This also reduces the amount of water and energy needed to produce plastic water bottles

Pick one of the following single-use items to swap out for a reusable one

-Utensils & straws

-Plastic bags

-Paper towels

-Make-up removing wipes

-By making one of these changes a significant amount of waste will be kept out of landfills

-For example, according to Stanford Magazine (2010) if the average American uses 5 sheets of paper towels each day, then about 6 million pounds of paper towels end up in landfills per day

   The easiest way to stick to a New Year’s Resolution is to start by making small changes that fit your current routine rather than creating a new one. Therefore, the two suggestions that I made above do not require you to change what you are doing but rather just changing how you do it.  My hope is that swapping one single use item for a reusable item will become easier and you will be able to make more changes over time.


If you are looking for more creative ways to become more environmentally friendly, visit this link: How to Recycle and Reuse Your Trash for a Cleaner Environment


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