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Earth Day Series- WRI Feature

3/21/2022 by qrelihan

    I chose to feature the work done at Water Recovery LLC (WRI) for the second of this Earth Day series because the work they do contributes to a clean and healthy environment.  On Earth Day we tend to appreciate the beauty of the environment by participating in clean-ups, however that is just one day, and it is up to those at facilities like WRI to keep the environment clean every other day of the year.  At WRI every day of the year the work they do plays an important role in keeping water safe for both human and wildlife populations. 

    WRI is a centralized wastewater treatment center and used oil recycling facility in Jacksonville Florida.   As a wastewater treatment facility, WRI takes tank cleaning wastewater, marine cleaning water, contaminated groundwater, stormwater, industrial process wastewater, petroleum contact water and sludge among other materials and treats them so that they can be safely discharged back into the local sewer system.

    WRI consistently treats industrial wastewater to exceed EPA’s stringent wastewater treatment standards.  So much so that they have been the recipient of the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) Environmental Stewardship Award multiple years in a row, they were awarded the JEA Pollution Prevention Award in 2015 and were the sole recipient of JEA Environmental Platinum Award in 2008.  Therefore, it is no surprise that WRI’s philosophy is “waste disposal made safe & simple” as they have the awards to back their work.

    In addition to treating wastewater, WRI also has the capacity to recycle materials such as used oil and contaminated fuels.  They take the recovered oil and treat it so that it can be burned for energy.  Instead of being discarded both treated wastewater and recycled used oil products are beneficially reused to serve another purpose prior to reaching its end facility.

    One capability that sets WRI apart from other wastewater treatment facilities is their solidification pit.  Waste byproduct is sent to WRI from a variety of manufacturers and this material is then used as absorbent media for the solidification pit prior to being disposed of.  This beneficial reuse opportunity allows for waste to be repurposed before it is sent to a landfill, therefore getting as much use out of the waste byproduct as possible. 

    The work at WRI is not only award winning but it contributes to a clean and healthy environment.  By exceeding the stringent standards set by the EPA for wastewater effluent WRI is demonstrating that when it comes to protecting and preserving the environment, they will go beyond what is expected of them.  They are also committed to providing manufacturers with alternative waste disposal options, which means diverting more waste from landfills.  It is important to learn about and appreciate the work that is done at centers such as WRI, because it is their efforts that allow us to enjoy our beautiful environment.


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