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Earth Day Series- MER

4/18/2022 by qrelihan

 For the sixth Earth Day feature, I chose to focus on the waste transportation and disposal work that MER does.  As we approach Earth Day, I wanted to highlight the importance of proper waste transportation & disposal especially when it comes to the health & well being of the environment.

    MER is known for the Environmental Services it provides clients, such as the safe transportation of numerous waste streams.  As we approach Earth Day and make plans to participate in community clean-ups, we see the value in the proper management of waste.   This is especially true when you go to clean-up a beautiful river park and you see the garbage that is carelessly tossed on the ground, disrupting the aesthetic value of the environment.  However, MER personnel understand the importance of managing waste, specifically identifying waste streams, and making sure that it ends up in the right disposal or reuse facility. 

    This is because everyday at MER is Earth Day in the sense that it is our job to transport waste for our clients so that it ends up in the proper facility or center rather than incorrectly disposed of in the environment.  MER is licensed to transport nonhazardous and hazardous waste in every state we operate in.  All MER personnel who play a role in the management of waste is trained on how to properly handle it and are aware of what could happen if it is not handled properly. MER works with trusted transfer, storage or disposal facilities that are just as committed to responsible management of waste as we are.

    Even though it may seem simple the safe and proper transportation of waste to a transfer, storage or disposal facility is critical to the health of the environment, wildlife and people living in the surrounding communities.  For instance, improper disposal of a hazardous waste could lead to the pollution of drinking water sources for wildlife and humans which poses a potential health risk.  Or it could be that the trash has been exposed to a variety of diseases and leaving it out in the open makes the spread of disease for wildlife and humans that much easier and faster. Therefore, the responsible management of waste that MER performs daily plays a large role in maintaining the health of the environment and all life living in it.

    Not only does MER keep trash out of the environment, but they also work with clients to divert waste from landfills, when possible, to be reused, recycled, or reclaimed.  Oftentimes waste streams can have another purpose before they are brought to a final disposal facility.  The more waste that can be beneficially reused, the less waste that will end up in the environment.  MER provides the highest level of performance to clients, which means treating every day as Earth Day.


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