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Green Marine

5/9/2022 by qrelihan

    As an Environmental Company, it is important that our sustainability efforts can be supported and verified by an external third party.  That’s where Green Marine comes in, as a voluntary environmental certification program for the North American marine industry.  To receive a Green Marine certification, companies like MER report their annual environmental performance through self-evaluation assessments, these assessments are then reviewed by a verified third party to ensure that what is being reported is accurate. MER is a Partner member of Green Marine which means that it provides services or products to help other Green Marine participants reduce their  companies' environmental impact.  

    In fact, the 14 key performance indicators that Green Marine has each participant report on addresses land, air, and water pollution.  Over the years the KPIs Green Marine has developed are specific to habitats or species in the region where the companies operate.  The goal of Green Marine is to encourage shipowners, ports, terminals, seaway corporations and shipyards in the US and Canada to establish their carbon footprint and then actively take steps to reduce it. Green Marine has participating companies self-report annually so that they can track their progress and see how much their carbon footprint has been reduced from the previous year. 

    The only thing more important than verifying our sustainability and green efforts is to make sure we are doing it with a company that we trust.  Green Marine not only works to find ways for the marine industry to reduce their carbon footprint, but its mission aligns with our company values.  For instance, Green Marine encourages the marine industry to exceed what the laws and regulations mandate that they do to be in compliance.  MER is dedicated to achieving a higher level of performance that goes beyond what is asked and expected of them, just like Green Marine.  By encouraging members of the marine industry to go beyond what is asked of them, Green Marine has cultivated a culture similar to that at MER where personnel care about the well being of the environment and are committed to a higher standard of performance.


To learn more about Green Marine, visit their website at: https://green-marine.org/


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