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Easy Ways to Save Energy in the Summer

6/6/2022 by qrelihan

Easy adjustments to make at home & the office:

  • Use windows to keep out heat by installing curtains or blinds
  • Turn fans off when you leave the room, because fans cool people not rooms
  • Remember that setting your thermostat lower does not make your house cool faster
  • Utilize daylight instead of turning on lights
  • Only run the dishwasher and laundry machines for full loads
  • Seal any cracks or gaps in doors and windows to keep warm air out
  • Air conditioning units use more energy to cool a space when lamps or other electronics are placed near it giving off heat

Activities & habits to put to practice:

  • Replace air filters and clean them to ensure they work properly
  • Choose LED light bulbs since they give off less heat than other light bulbs
  • Avoid using the oven on hotter days, as it only adds to heat in the house
  • All electronics give off heat while plugged in even if they are not being used or are fully charged, so if you are not using it unplug it

Websites to visit for more information & tips:




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