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Earth Day Series- Environmental Literacy

4/11/2022 by qrelihan

    For the fifth installment of the Earth Day blog series, I chose to feature the importance of Environmental Literacy.  I included a link to an Environmental Literacy quiz from the Earth Day website for you to take and see what you can do to improve your environmental knowledge.

    Environmental literacy is the awareness of and concern for environmental issues, especially climate change. There are a few main themes that are tackled by environmental education such as, ecological knowledge, socio-political information, environmental issues and their affect, cognitive skills and environmentally friendly behaviors.  To put it simply it is being able to see how decisions you make will impact the community, environment, and future generations.  For example, understanding that by choosing to use a reusable water bottle rather than a single use plastic water bottle will be keep more plastic out of oceans and communities.

    However, you may be wondering why it is important to increase and expand upon your knowledge of environmental issues.  It goes back to the cliché saying of ‘knowledge is power’ because without any awareness to what is going on in the world around you it is difficult to make responsible decisions. This knowledge is often promoted in schools and at events put together by environmental NGOs. Oftentimes the target of environmental education is today's youth because they will be inheriting a world with problems that they did not create. However, it is equally as important for adults of all ages and backgrounds to learn about cimate change because it affects everyone. It is important to acknowledge that everyone’s level of environmental knowledge is going to be different, however everyone can always learn something about the environment that they did not know before. Therefore, I linked an Environmental Literacy quiz from the Earth Day website that you can take that will help you see that you know more than you think and there is always an opportunity to learn more.

Take this 2-minute quiz to see how environmental literate you are and learn ways to improve you knowledge and understanding of climate change issues:

Environmental Literacy Quiz - Earth Day


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